OpenAIRE Advisory Board meeting
EIFL to participate in OpenAIRE2020 Project Advisory Board meeting

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Event Date: 21 Sep 2015
Paris, France

EIFL Open Access Programme Manager Iryna Kuchma will take part in the OpenAIRE 2020 Advisory Board meeting in Paris.

OpenAIRE is a European Commission-funded initiative that supports implementation of the Horizon 2020 open access mandate for publications and its Open Research Data Pilot. OpenAIRE also assists in monitoring Horizon 2020 research outputs, and provides the main infrastructure for reporting Horizon 2020's scholarly publications.

The OpenAIRE infrastructure interacts with a wide range of research output sources, and interconnects research results (publications and data), linking them to the processes that produced them (scientific software, workflows, services, instruments) and releasing them for everyone to see, reuse, and reproduce.


EIFL is one of the 50 OpenAIRE2020 project partners working on this large-scale initiative which aims to promote open scholarship and substantially improve the discoverability and reusability of research publications and data.

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